Southbury Clinic for Traditional Medicines


Southbury Clinic for Traditional Medicine provides primary and integrative family medical services as a safe inexpensive alternative and/or adjunct to short and long term conventional care. We offer the best of traditional Eastern and Western medicines. Our State licensed naturopathic physicians are rigorously trained in both conventional and traditional diagnosis and treatment.

Patients may be seen at our physical location or arrange for distance consultation both domestically and internationally. We analyze your issues and provide treatment for your complaints, but also help you to understand what you can do to be healthier and take better advantage of your treatment regimes. Our interventions can improve your response to pharmaceuticals, lessen side-effects, and prepare for procedures and surgeries.

We encourage collaboration with all providers involved in your care and refer to and accept referrals from other generalists and specialists. We accept no insurance; however provide a superbill for your visit and pharmacy charges that you may submit for consideration.